Box Titles

[box_title subtitle=»enjoy our great shipping service» font_size=»24″ font_alignment=»center» border=»middle» border_color=»#CDCDCD»]10.000 ITEMS FROM OUR DOOR TO YOUR IN 24HRS[/box_title][space height=»60″][box_title subtitle_font_size=»15″ font_size=»24″ font_alignment=»left» border=»middle» border_color=»#CDCDCD»]ANOTHER TITLE STYLE[/box_title][space height=»60″][box_title subtitle_font_size=»15″ font_size=»24″ font_alignment=»center» border=»around» border_color=»#f7c104″]ANOTHER TITLE STYLE[/box_title][space height=»60″][box_title font_size=»15″ font_alignment=»center» border=»middle» border_color=»#CDCDCD»]SHORTCODE ATTRIBUTES[/box_title]
  • class: custom css class added to the box
  • font size: font size for the box content
  • font alignment: font alignment for the box content
  • subtitle: subtitle of the box
  • subtitle font size: subtitle font size
  • border: border position
  • border color: border color